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There was confusion for a brief period on Thursday autumn after the ticker on BLS International Website of the Indian Mission in Canada was compactly removed on the suspense of visa services till farther notice for functional reasons. The Indian flag is seen flying at the High Commission of India in Ottawa on Wednesday.( AP) The Indian flag is seen flying at the High Commission of India in Ottawa on Wednesday.( AP) The Indian Mission has formerly again streamlined its Visa Application runner on BLS International reinstating the ticker. As per BLS International, interested visa aspirants have been advised to keep checking the BLS website for farther updates on the issue. ” Important notice from Indian Mission Due to functional reasons, with effect from 21 September 2023, Indian visa services have been suspended till farther notice. Please keep checking BLS website for farther updates,” the BLS website says.

BLS International Services Limited is an Indian outsourcing service provider for government and politic operations worldwide. The company manages visa, passport, consular, documentation and citizen services. On Wednesday, Indian citizens, scholars in Canada and those planning on travelling to the country were advised to exercise caution. Indian citizens and Indian scholars in Canada were advised to avoid travelling to regions and implicit venues in Canada that have seen growinganti-India conditioning, according to a release issued by the Ministry of External Affairs( MEA).

New Delhi has suspended the visa services for Canadian citizens indefinitely amid heightened pressures between the two countries indeed as Ottawa said it was temporarily conforming staff presence in India to insure the safety of diplomats following pitfalls entered on social media. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s allegation of Indian involvement in Khalistani leader Hardeep Singh Nijjar’s payoff heightened the pressures and touched off a politic row, and tit- for- tat expatriations of elderly diplomats this week. An Indian functionary verified the suspense but refused to note further. “ The language is clear and it says what it’s intended to say. ” This is the first time India has suspended visas since the Covid- 19 epidemic.

The suspense followed India’s advisory on Wednesday asking its citizens in Canada to exercise utmost caution due to growinganti-India conditioning and “ politically- blinked hate crimes ”. Indian scholars have particularly been advised to exercise extreme caution and remain watchful. Meanwhile, speaking on India issuing an advisory for Indian citizens and scholars in Canada, Union minister of state Subhash Sarkar told news agency ANI, “ We’ve the concern of the safety of every citizen, every child of the country at all time. At the time of the Ukraine War also. Our government defended every citizen of the country wherever there were problems each over in the world. ”

Pressure over Hardeep Singh Nijjar killing Nijjar was plugged down in the parking lot of the Guru Nanak Sikh Gurdwara that he headed in the city of Surrey in the fiefdom of British Columbia. He was the top figure of the secessionist outfit Sikhs for Justice( SFJ) in the fiefdom. The SFJ has criticized India for the assassination A prophet for Canada’s foreign ministry told the Canadian review The National Post that some diplomats entered pitfalls on social media platforms. “. Global Affairs Canada( the foreign ministry) is assessing its staff complement in India. As a result, and out of an cornucopia of caution, we’ve decided to temporarily acclimate staff presence in India. All of our locales are staffed by diplomats and locally engaged staff to insure business and functional durability. ” Canada has sought fresh security around its operations including the high commission in New Delhi and consulates in Mumbai, Chandigarh, and Bengaluru.

The prophet cited the Vienna Convention for securing diplomats and politic demesne, and added that they “ anticipate India to give for the security of our accredited diplomats and consular officers in India, just as we’re for theirs then. ” Security has been enhanced at India’s operations in Canada as well for the elderly diplomats after SFJ released the “ Kill India ” bills in July and also a series of others that criticized New Delhi for Nijjar’s payoff on June 18. India has sought fresh security at the high commission in Ottawa and consulates in Toronto and Vancouver after SFJ issued a trouble to “ shut down Indian operations ” on September 25, describing them as “ terror houses. ” SFJ, which was banned in India in 2019 because of itspro-Khalistan conditioning, has hovered Hindus of Indian origin and asked them to leave Canada “ for supporting ” the country of their origin and “ promoting violence ” by celebrating Nijjar’s assassination.

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